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The game needs more game to it

This game could easily be a 5 Star game if there was more to it, at the minimum more planets or moons could have been added before releasing the game. - perhaps once at Europa have different destinations one could select that could require shorter altitudes but also give less reward for the number of settlers resting thereon. - There’s other good ideas in the comments here, like aliens, and birth causing population increase, and more. You guys have an addictive game on your hands here, you should take advantage of that and make it last longer, put more into it. The longer people spend playing your game the greater the probability they’re going to spend real money on coins or specials and the like.

Can we get some more planets???

Can we get some more planets???


It was fine for passing the time in areas where I don’t have Wifi until an ad randomly popped up in the middle of flight, causing me to miss tapping and thus blowing my spaceship up along with 10 innocent souls to kingdom come.

Ads ruin it

Fun game, way too many ads ruin it though.


It’s a fine game not the best ever roblox is better sorry;(

Can’t skip Adds

Literally doesn’t give you the option to skip adds. I’m sure everyone who plays mobile games now how long adds can be which is expected and tolerable because most, of not all games gives you a skip option after a couple seconds. This game however, does not. Adds like crazy and worst of all they can’t be skipped. Potential gone

Really fun

I have been playing this game for a long time.the game is fun but it’s difficult because you have to try to get it in the green and some times I get perfect but sometimes I die and it’s hard please make it easier 🚀😉

No iphone X support

I love this game so much but the borders on top and bottom hurt my eyes and such i have not played this game in a very long time. Starting to give up hope might even delete it soon if nobody replies to this. Sad to watch developers give up on games.

Lots of fun for a day or two

When I first got this, it was so much fun. Upgrading my rocket, flying higher and higher until I reached Mars. I did the same with the Mars rocket, I FINALLY reached Europa, and that was it. You could never launch from Europa, which made the game really boring after that. Please add more planets!


Game that I won’t play again tomorrow

I enjoy the game play and the deep thoughts

If you’re careful you will find Sir Francis Bacon ;)

Deleted, terrible app, don't buy it

Deleted, terrible app, don't buy it, buy the second one.

Adds kill this game

You play four times then watch a minute long Add. No thanks

Fun game but -

A pretty cool rocket launcher game! I like the add-one as you gain coins. I’d like the upgrades to be not quite as high though. The game gets a little boring as you try to get more coins and send people to mars. But fun overall.

Great game

It is a good game I completed it and was wanting to do more so I want to like go to more planets but this is a grate game to play for time

A nice game, but not enough planet

It’s a fun game to play. No need to pay to play which is nice. But there is not enough planet to play. Getting boring after reaching Titan.

Bro add a much faster and easier way to add people to the rocket



No gameplay

Good but

It needs more planets and different levels and people

Needs New Update!

It's been 7 months since the last update... 😕


For how small this game is it lags way too much and has way too much ads!

Really annoying ads

Many many ads, even when you are playing pops up in the screen. And it crashes a lot while playing ads. I can say that they totally ruined the good idea of the game with ridiculous ads. You can't run away from ads with playing offline.

Love it but sometimes hate it

I love this game and have been playing for a long time off and on and have maxed out almost everything and just put people on planets for fun. I put 1,000 people on a ship after saving for a few days. AND THE GAME POPPED AND AD HALFWAY THROUGH THE TRIP LEADING ME TO DESTRUCTION. Anyway the game is cool but it does the ad thing a lot and ticks me off.


Like the game. I want to be able to colonize more planets though. Soooo more planets would be great

It’s cool to start but it goes nowhere.

This game starts out fun but once you get to Europa, it’s done. Who thought this up? Two levels and you’re done? Did I miss something?

Buggy Adverts, deleted quickly

AVOID THIS GAME -- BUGGY ADVERTISING. First off, opening the app pops up a video advert. When you click the corner button, the ad closes, but sends you to the App Store page (invisible click wall or scammy forced clicktrough). Secondly, the gameplay is dumb (hydrogen-oxygen fuel rockets don't "burn down" like fuses or sparklers). The graphics are okay. Second buggy advert-scam is another video advert that pops up after every play, then fades to an opaque white screen, making it unclosable, requiring closing the Buggy App and restarting to be greeted again by the scummy scammy advert that forces a clicktrough to the App Store. As for the rest of the gameplay, I didn't see it, the advertising fails prevents me from playing the game... which prevents me from seeing more adverts, eh? Idiot app developers was the point of this to waste my time and yours? Because this won't earn you money in the long run, I will just avoid all your games since the "video ad into unclosable white screen" thing pops up in most of your games.

Ketchapp has done it again.

Ketchapp back with a game that is addicting because it is aggravating. Sorta like flappy bird addicting-wise. Stress maker game, not a stress reliever. Yet it is too fun to rate 4,3,2, or 1 Star.

Nothig but click bait

App will display ads while playing therefore forcing you to click. Tried to report this to apple but no function to do so. Stay away!

I hate the game

When I try to watch a video to get coins it doesn’t give me the coins but it makes me watch the video

This game is good but the nonstop ads

This game is good, but the ads sometimes make my game crash they don’t load and I have to listen to my guy’s depressing music after he dies, so could you please stop making so many ads so I can actually play the game and not minigames, Thank you.


No content. I never get any updates to this game. You travel to two planets and that’s it. Deleted.

Fun game: needs updates!

Super fun and addicting game. However, it is in serious need of an update. Once you reach Europa you’re kinda just stuck? I reached Europa in 3 days and now there’s nothing for me to shoot for.

Fun but....

Almost all the time, an ad pops up when i launch and it’s really annoying


Fun game but no updates!

Needs more

It’s a well made really fun game but there is nothing to do after you reach both planets and have all the rocket skins. Would you mind adding more?

Not good enough

Space frontier is addictive but there’s not enough content and the rocket launches doesn’t work also because the game is very laggy sometimes messing up important launches.NEEDS more planets make the game more complex like adding bad guy like aliens or something on that level different types of astronauts like farmers or soldiers.The launches need to be fixed also the departure time from each seagment of the rocket.Hopefully you update the game giving more content.please and thank you.

Ads!!! >:(

I have to admit this game is sooo very first though, when I first got into the game, I got an ad, so I thought, oh this is just normal, so I’m halfway through my first launch and... BOOM... I get hit hard with another ad... which kills my rocket in the process. So either you make the game pause while ur stupid ads play or just completely get rid of the game cuz the ads ruin me and many other people according to other reviews...

It’s a really good game BUT...

I really think their should be some more planets it took me such a LOOONG time to get to Europa and when I finally did their was no more planets or moons to go fly to so the game basically just ends RIGHT their I would really like it if you add some more planets and moons so please please please look into it.

Waste of time

Downloaded thirty seconds ago. Hit play. Rocket starts launching. A add without a close button starts playing. Deleted. Honestly the game industry would be better off without you. Try a career in plumbing I heard theres demand.

Helpful review right here lol

For potential downloaders... you will either spend time farming and not seeing many ads Or watching a crap ton of ads because like me you are impatient and will choose to watch an ad to spin a wheel for coins and, if its a high enough value, youll watch another ad to spin a multiplier wheel because this is the fastest way to make coinage from the getgo, then farmings fine but youve ran out of content besides upgrading for no reason To the developers, Another planet Research stations and space stations that weigh down your rocket and require you to upgrade further to get to the planets with them Use research station to maybe develop rockets for use to get to next planet , terraforming, etc This will extend the length of time it takes someone to get through all the content, for me it was 8 ish hours most of which were at work, and will prompt me and other players to continue playing and willing watching extra ads for coins lol Twas fun while it lasted, off to play number two and hope it has a little more content but still this one was fun


Ad spam app. Doesn’t waste your time.

Much wow

When I got the game I was like it will be so much fun! But when I played it I figured out that it was a cash grab because ads are literally everywhere! I was in the middle of a launch and a ad popped of and I lost! I had like 30 people on the rocket!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿👿👿🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😤😤😤😩😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Don’t do it.

I’m really bummed about this game. So addicting but it’s just a way for the developer to take in the cash in ads that you pretty much have to watch in order to get a rocket to the next planet. I even bought the add removal but that just removed the banner. Just give us a way to outright buy the app with less coins to collect in order to upgrade. I would give it 5 stars. At this point I just want to delete this app. I’m tired of watching game add.

Needs more

Its fun but once you finish it its pointless. They should add more planets so you can continue to colonize the galaxy.

Come on

All of your games are PACKED with ads just chill a little bit on the ads please. It’s really takes so much away from the game. I would keep playing but instead a get 10 ads messing me up so I just stop playing and end up deleting the games. I don’t like being forced to watch some bs. I understand you need money but you have plenty of other games filled with ads lol

I was expecting more

I thought that you could visit every planet and keep going through there but once you get to Europa there’s no point in playing anymore. It was fun but I pretty much finished it in one day if it had more planets then it would be an easy five star for me

Fun game but could be better

It’s fun for the first couple of days but wants you start to get all the people on the plant there’s nothing to do. Also I think it would look cooler with more visuals on the planets. But over all fun to play!!

Well ok then

I would have given it 5 stars if they would have just updated this one instead of letting me wast a few dollars on this one

Ridiculous ads

Fun game... but ridiculous amount of ads. You have to play it in airplane mode to not get annoyed and want to delete it within 5 minutes. And after 2 weeks you finish it. All done. Nothing more to do. You load up the two planets and that’s it. Funnnn. Blah

Worst then I expected...

Well, when I first looked at the app, I said to myself, “This game looks very good! The reviews are great, and the pictures too.” But when I download this app... I realized this is one of those games that get very boring very quickly. So I tried it a bit and I got bored quickly. Don’t download this app because it is a waste of space on your phone. All you do I try to time your tap perfectly to launch higher into space... So my final rating is a big fat one star.

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