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We need an update!

My dad and I play this game on the train and we're about tapped out of ranks, rockets and high scores. Please throw in an update of some kind

Doesn't make sense

I like the game, it's fun at time but gets boring fast and what I mean by it doesn't make sense is on a certain rocket it talks about airplanes crossing the left downwind and crossing a certain runway... AIRPLANES in a rocket ship game lol. And I'm pretty sure rockets don't use runways..

Add popes up with 200 on board.

Nothing like flying your rocket ship with 200 people on board and an add. pops up making it so I can't separate the boosters. Yea. It's a good time. Not. Other than that it's a fun game


It's a fun time-waster app.


Super entertaining game makes my day go much faster 😂😍😍😍

Love it! Simple mindless fun

This game could just be called "Challenger Simulator" and it'd be just as fun. 5/5

Enough of the pop up ads in the middle of a launch.

I gotta pay attention to the rocket stage, when an ad appears at the bottom and breaks my concentration. BOOM! Thanks for nothing...

Really fun and addictive

Fun and addictive

Good Game; Huge Bug

I had over 100,000 coins, and was ready to send up aliens to the moon when my game crashed. I went to reload the game back up, and the coins were gone. I never hit the play button. Screw that, I'm not playing this anymore. All that time wasted for nothing.


An ad pop up while I was playing spent 5000 coins to board 100 humans. Very inconvenient.


Game is great.... but I had 536 PEOPLE ON THE ROCKET WHEN AN AD POPPED UP AND MADE ME BLOW UP!!! I don't mind ads but not during flight! -needs more rockets to buy.




Easy and fun

Random ads

Whenever I'm trying to get the ship to mars random ads appear and the ship blows up. There goes 62k coins down the drain.

After about three cycles it becomes a grind.

It's got nice art and can be a good two minute time burner to stave off boredom but that's about it... no depth at this point other than grinding for more stages or levels of title. It's no surprise that the easiest (?) way to earn in game currency is to watch endless advertisements. That said, thats essentially the entire point of all Ketchapp games: Hook you with a simple tappy mechanic that drives grinding and shove ads down your throat even if you've paid for an ad free experience, which really only means the banners and pop ups are gone, not that the game is ad free. If you understand that before downloading any title from Ketchapp, it's far less abrasive. Know going in that you will get a simple, five minute timing based taphappy time waster, and temper your expectations. As such, this iteration of the timing tapper metric is sort of fresh and has potential. If five stars is an A, this earns a solid average C... three stars.

Fun game, ruined by ads

While my rocket is launching, ads are popping up and covering the screen and causing me to have to close the ad, during which time the rocket explodes. Lame! Please fix this.


Almost every time On my first lunch an add pops up please fix

Please Read I beg of you

This game is fairly enjoyable me and my coworkers cant stop playing, but we are about out of things to do with it. It would be nice if it was a space race and you shot for all the planets in the solar system not just mars and maybe in an expansion add on something beyond are solar system. With very little that there was there was enough of mystery and drive to make us wonder what was gonna happen next, but as we can see there is nothing more then mars. Please I beg of you as some additional content or re release for more planets and stars to shoot for. Maybe different solar systems. There doesn't need to be major content just something more to shoot for in the stars

Needs more content

Great game. It's super fun and has a very pretty design, but it could use something more to keep our interest invested in it. Maybe add more planets to explore or maybe some more interactions that you can do on mars. Little mini games for your colony or something. Besides that, it's great.

Lack of content. A lot of ads

I installed the game and before I could play I had to watch an ad. After that I played a round with no instructions. After playing it for 15 minutes it's the same thing over and over. In the 15 minutes I had over 7pop up ads! Not including the one that's stays at the bottom of the screen. If the game had more content (that isn't ads) I would consider (no I wouldn't) installing it again.

Fun and lame

Lots of fun to play, addictive, until you find out there is no content.

I hacked the game

I changed my date and time and got money for it so I have 100 mill and 30000 people on mars good job game

Good idea, OK execution?

So the game is fun... for maybe 10 minutes. Then you're sitting there wondering: "Is there more beyond mars? Am I just sitting here trying to fill it up with more people? What is the point?" I get bored with these games really fast. That being said, it has potential for more content in the future so I'm giving it 4 stars.

Makes me so mad

It's a good game, but every time I play, I get so mad. Everything has to be perfect in order to earn coins, and I hate it.


Timing is everything

nothing but ads

constant ads. same game play over and over again.

Good but Ad Bug makes it unplayable

I like the game but every time an ad loads (it's been one for Hulu each time for me) the ad does not properly load, making the app freeze and me have to restart it. Hard to want to keep playing when i have to do this

Nice , simple




Game is addictive

The game is really addictive and I love playing space frontier but it lacks content, I think the creators should add more planets to fly to and colonize and different type of rockets that have perks

Rip 150 people

Add came up, lost rocket with 150 people.

More Stuff Please!

I love this game but it needs more stuff. Add more planets!!!!!! Like the moon and Saturn and Venus and more. Also more people and attackers!!!!!! I really really really hope you guys see this and make an update that would be great!!!!!!!! Other than that awesome game! :)

Fun game for a bit

It's a really fun game before you get to Mars. You work hard to try to upgrade your rocket and get the the red planet. Unfortunately when you get to Mars it's just kinda meh. Your people just stand around and nothing happens. There is nowhere else to go you just keep shooting people to Mars for no apparent reason.

Fun, but...

Fun for a little while, but there's not enough to do.

Lacks Purpose

Besides getting them to mars what is the purpose after you reach 10000 people...

Fun, but lacks replay value.

The game is catchy but once the single simple goal is complete there lacks things to do. Maybe another planet beyond mars would be a good addition, which generates a higher rate of currency or a different type. Or once you reach mars you can "refuel" or launch another rocket to go further.


Super fun really addicting

Fun game

Only issue they need to fix is adds popping up as you launch. I get and understand the reason for adds but really can't wait until your done with the launch?! I've lost 500+ travelers😢

Plz update it

I finished the game,plz new update and more plants


There not a lot to do other than launch the rockets. There is no clear definition of what a perfect, awesome, good, or okay separation is. It seems like every time the rocket explodes right when I tap it.

Fun game but....

This game is very fun but at least for me I get ads at the most worst possible times. I think you can piece together when I get them please fix the ad timing

Great game, obnoxious ads

Game is very fun, great to pass time. Only downside is that ads on startup and throughout the game are absolutely obnoxious. I know they're necessary, but they could be a bit more subtle or out of the way.

Really great game

I love this game. It was fairly easy to beat besides the fact that it takes some time. Now once you're up there, there's not much to do. Maybe add ALOT more rankings, like 100+? And please a faster way to get the people on the ship. Maybe a section that you tap to buy then by the tens, hundreds or max for your budget? It'd be nice


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Good game but ads keep popping up

Good game but adds keep popping up during play time and so I end up losing. Very annoying and horrible implementation of ads

So close

Like so many other have said. Good but could be so much more. This seems like a game factory hut that doesn't have a chance of getting updated.


Upd: awesome idea to land people on Mars :)

Ad ridden mess

I had 10 ads pop up in a row while trying to play. Everytime the game runs in the background and blows your ship up. Useless and definitely uninstalling.



Great game but....

Amazing game but u beat it in three days please add more content like possibly mor planets

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