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Needs more content

Very disappointed when I found out you could not launch rockets from Europa to a new planet. It would be awesome to see this in future updates. Everything else is awesome but now I don’t know what to do.

Add more!!

Fun game but there are only 2 levels...lets go further. What is the point of playing after get off mars? I would for sure keep going if there was more.

Where To Go From Here?

It is a great game but, after conquering Jupiter 's moon, where do you go?


Need more planets...done already


Needs more content, make it a strategy game. Add different types of people like scientists to make advanced boosters and stuff like that, builders to make houses, add aliens and soldiers to protect the colony and the aliens attack your colony when you are not on and the more soldiers you have the less colonists are killed. Add the whole solar system and beyond! It would also be cool to see a light speed travel upgrade. Add those and this 4 star will quickly become a 5 star.

It ok


Update soon

We need a good update

Fun to play

I enjoy the game a lot and I have a few suggestions 1 - add more planets and with every different planet there should be certain jobs on that planet that will make more money then others 2 - there should be a hiring system to hire different people for certain jobs, so you can launch certain people to different planets I beat the game and now I’m just collecting money with nothing to do, with the hiring system I can focus on certain people to plan for the next planet. Also add military options to protect that planet 3 - add in a time lapse so after a certain amount of time people die, this will make us go back to the past planets and keep the population up. 4 - maybe you can add an already populated planet and we have to launch more people of that populated planet to take it over this will allow “take overs” when your away from the game. Then you can buy defense systems for that planet to protect it from intruders (other players/aliens)

Ads ads and more ads

This game just keeps playing the same stupid ads and then it crashes right after.

Needs work

I'm confused how do you upgrade the balloon thing other than that best game I have ever played keep up the good work ketch app.if read can you answer my question:)needs more updates

More planets!!!

Awesome way to pass the time! But I wish I could go farther in the solar system!

Take the opportunity for more ideas

I’ve seen so many reviews with some great ideas, and I want to add some of my own. First of all, you should really make some progress with these ideas before people start getting angry. My main idea follows with the more planets idea. I understand that the next planet outside our solar system is pretty far, so perhaps there could be a few points in space to build a space station. (You could go a bit farther by letting people customize the space station once they reach that point in space.) from that station, they would launch to the next one, or to the next planet. Another thing with the planets. When I first landed on mars, I felt like I should have landed on the moon first, then mars. It would make more sense. If you like this idea and want to fix the app for this, you could transfer progress on mars to the moon and progress on Europa to mars. To add some bling to the app, put in some challenges to earn extra money. Make it more realistic with buying supplies for each mission (supplies shouldn’t be too expensive unless it is material for building large things such as rockets and like in my earlier suggestion, space stations. Nonetheless, none of the supplies should be as expensive as the rocket upgrades. Those are insanely expensive and I think those upgrades could stay the same price once they reach a certain point.) Also, I would really like to name my rocket. Perhaps the bottom doesn’t survive but the top does as long as it doesn’t explode. I could reuse that top and it could have a name.

Love it!

Don't normally play a lot of iPhone games but this one is extremely addicting. Love that it isn't impossible to earn in game currency either. Looking forward to future updates.


Seems likes the ads play flawlessly, but when you’re launching the game glitches quite a bit.

Ad glitches

After you watch an ad, the screen goes blank. Doesn’t switch back after you reset, and you watched an ad for nothing. Money lost.

Needs more content

Great game but lacks so much content make this game more strategy based maybe with aliens and surfing on the planet

More planets, goals, and strategy

The title pretty much sums it up. Love the simplicity of the game, but to really bring it to the next level, I would like to see more strategy involved (ex. Which planet to go to next based on your goals: civilization, mining, sheer population spread over space...). Still, a fun game and I would love to see it developed further.

Way too many ads

I love the game, but it gets tiring having to exit out of the ad or App Store (because ads pop up while you have a rocket flying). If you want to make money so bad then stop making free apps

Need to add more things

Please add some other planets or like buildings to where we can have a base or something, battle people. I maxed out all my stuff

download now!

this game is great it needs more planets tho the best game i've ever played i'd recommend it to every one i know five star


We need update new place and more activity game start being poor 😞

Good game, needs some improvement

This game is entertaining up to a point because of the minimal changes as you play, you should be able to go to other planets other than mars as it will add another level of difficulty to the game. Also, you should let the rocket upgrades be a LITTLE cheaper, so we can progress a bit quicker

Good game but lacks content

I have everything in this game to its max but it is missing lots pf content such as new planets achievements.


Every time I boot up the game and the rocket starts to launch, an ad pops up and my rocket gets destroyed because I literally cannot interact with the game while I’m trying to dismiss the ad.


I like this game it’s a bit difficult at some points and I don’t understand how to launch from the planet after mars. If there is one.

Needs more content

Once you get 10000 to mars and 5000 to Jupiter there’s no point in playing the game. Needs more planets and additional content


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back/restore data

please make a way to backup/restore data, I was extremely far and upgraded my phone. now I do not way to start over. I like this game even though the features are limited it is still very entertaining.

great game , but...

i came to write a review but the previous review said more than i came to say , so please make this game more take tips from the previous review. thanks !

Great platform

Great game with a terrific platform. -Needs more goals -less ads -I deleted the game after the ads kept screwing me over during launch -Needs to be Goal driven and set the goals clear in the game when you start. Overall———— Could be a great game with a little more time and effort. Definitely worth the shot.

Rips you off with 8000 ads every 2 minutes

I know it’s free but for Gods sake does their need to be 732 ads every 26 seconds?


The stupid ads keep popping up while im trying to reach the planet. They dont come up any other time besides when i am playing, so all of my rockets are being destroyed

Fun game

This is an addicting game and fun but needs more levels I've reached the top on Europa and mars can you add another moon or plant to shoot for that would be awesome thank you

Love it

Just add more planets and new ways to help the people of the planets make more money.

Deep space

Would like to see more levels.

It’s addicting

I think this is a great star. I say keep going through the whole solar system.

Great game

Great game but it needs more content. I would love to see new planets added that we could colonize bc just Mars is unsatisfying

veryyy goood

its amazing


Can you add Pluto next please!!??

Fun and mindless

Have now finished both Mars and Europa. Anything next?

Laggy Game

Never had issues with the game until they started introducing all the ads. With the ads now being on screen while you play, sometimes they rotate ads which in turns lags the game causing you to explode. It is frustrating when you spend 1.2m on people only to have an ad load 3 seconds after take-off and cause you to blow up. Fix this and my review will change.

I️ am very salty

I am trying to take 5000 people to mars with all the coins I have saved up and an ad pops up while my rocket is flying😡 My rockets blows up and I lose all those coins I saved up😡

Needs an update

This is a really good game but you could make it better by adding a few planets or even another galaxy

Nice game

I loved the game and haw do you lunch the rockets.. but a few updates will be more interesting like .. ( change the type of rocket ) ( lots of planets should be there ) ( planting an laboratory in another planets ) ( some rockets updates the green gap its too tiny to see in phones it should be more zoomed on each lunch.

Fun, but needs more

I’ve spent too many hours playing the game and like aspects of it a lot, but wish there was more stuff to do once you get more people on mars. There could something built around building your mars civilization. I hate the idea of the coin spin wheel that was added in the last update. It’s not fitting for the game. Instead I’d like to be able to invest in additional mars and Europa structures and new game play. After your get the 10,000 people on mars it doesn’t seem like you earn any additional money per person on mars. I got to 20,000 people on mars and the math didn’t seem right. I waited an hour and then looked at how much $ I earned when away and then launched 500 people and checked again after an hour and the amount my earned was about the same. If that’s by design it wasn’t apparent to me.


The first hours of it are ok but the game becomes stupid and boring over time. There’s ton of Ad’s for a crappie game. Sorry folks but you have to improve a lot. Deleted!

Love the game but

Been playing for a month and a half now and I️ didn’t see the mars update coming. Awesome update but now earth rocket is maxed out I️ have all of the possible styles for it and I️ got rank 10 for mars and earth. I️ don’t have anything else to do and break records. Anything space has been a passion for me and would like to see go deeper and deeper into the solar system and beyond. Maybe even have to do a space station for further distances or make it harder with alien encounters where you begin to lose people on planets so you have to maintain but you can choose to make contact or to trust a civilization that you meet weather they will help you or destroy you.




More levels please. Add a earth moon level between earth and Mars. The last level we get to plant a flag


Honestly at first this game was fun but then after a day or 2 it just gets really boring like you’re just launching people on other planets they need to add cooler features but in the mean time I’m deleting this app

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